Diplona brand was founded in 1935, and has a history of more than 80 years. At that time, it was a single shampoo. Until 1950, the German people gradually came out of the shadow of war. Diplona also started to develop a full range of products. It was the first to put forward that scalp care is closely related to the quality of hair, suggesting that people should pay attention to the health care of scalp and solve the problem of hair. Question.

After a long period of research and development, Diplona's whole series of products for scalp and hair care have finally come out, and achieved unprecedented success. People very much recognize the new concept of shampoo that first nourishes the scalp, then protects the hair. Diplona is the brand that started this research earlier in Germany.

The new beginning began in 1990, and after half a century, the brand of Diplona has new opportunities for development. German MasterCard Company acquired the brand of Diplona and joined hands with European hairdressing champion Mr. Dieter Brurett to jointly develop Jessino professional salon products for high-end German hairdressing salon. It has become a designated brand for many professional organizations in Germany.