For many years, mothers around the world have used breast milk to wipe their babies'troubled skin. In Germany, most women trust and rely on midwives'care. The most prestigious midwives find that adding a small amount of breast milk to the baby's bath can make the baby's skin more moist, tender and healthy! 

In 1983, Sanosan brand was born in German MasterCard Company. MasterCard uses technology to apply hydrolyzed milk protein to baby skin care products. This small molecule structure, which is very close to the composition of breast milk, is easily absorbed by the skin and forms a water-lipid film on the skin surface. Experts have combined the hydrolyzed milk protein with the natural olive extract and other precious natural ingredients and combined with scientific formula to develop a safe and mild brand of baby and child care brand, which is sold in more than 100 countries and regions. It has become one of the famous brand of mother and infant care products in Asia and Europe. 

In 2010, Sanosan came to China and was the sole agent of Beijing Longsight Health Technology Co., Ltd. It won many honors and was loved by tens of millions of mothers.