Business operational capability

  • Professional and mature brand operation system

    The company continuously refines the brand operation management, from the analysis of international market consumption trend, the insight of domestic consumer market, selection of products most suitable for domestic consumers, to brand positioning, target market lock-in, distribution channel development, and customer experience upgrading, to form a set of targeted international brand strategy and localized professional and mature brand operation system.

  • Channel matrix both online and offline

    Years of intensive cultivation in the industry, the company has established a channel matrix both online and offline, and built long-term and solid relations with famous domestic retail giants as Watsons, Ole', Mannings, Leyou, JD, Tmall and VIP, with over 10,000 sales outlets. Channel matrix of high quality online and offline and abundant retail formats ensure the good experience of customers.

  • Effcient operation and management capability

    Years of intensive operation, the company has established the position of "imported brand agent + professional channel operator + brand shaper". By establishing planning & management system, defining strategic objectives, building scientific organizational structure, and organizing systematic rules and process, the company has established a supply chain system connecting foreign brand suppliers and domestic channel distributors, and its accurate user analysis and perfect brand operation depend on the company's precise and efficient operation and management capabilities.

  • Experienced team of professionals

    The company has an excellent and competitive core team, young and optimistic, well-trained, and of strong brand operation ability, professional communication and design ability and efficient and pragmatic implementation ability, effectively interpreting the core spirit of the brand, and comprehensively fulfilling the company mission of "Let Chinese consumers have a healthy, happy and high-quality life".