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The direction of future marketing innovation is nothing more than these six points!


In the past, enterprises used to fight "channel is king, winning terminal", but with the restructuring and integration of channels, the traditional distribution channels have been subverted, you do not know where your goods will be intercepted. As a result, the connection mode between suppliers and customers also needs to be changed. Whose business was bigger,the customer used to connect them .Now it needs content, professional services, common hobbies and good scene experience, so the customers  willing to connect.



 "Many Chinese enterprises are accelerating their entry into the industry monopoly stage, which is contrary to the law of competition."

In the case of new retail, in the O + O scenario, channel dividends are gone. Tell a very sad story, why does such a scene appear? The idea of Liu Qiangdong in JD is very clear. He wants to build 50,000 terminals in China's tertiary and tertiary markets and reconstruct the composition of China's rural retail market. This makes the niche cheese that deep marketing wanted to cover passively. What is the situation facing China's electricity industry?

The first channel is Suning and Guomei. This is the sales channel of traditional manufacturing industry in the past. The second channel is Tmall and JD. They are Suning and Guomei online. The only thing manufacturers can make money before is to control the traditional channels built in the past based on the three or four levels of market. Now JD and Suning are going to move this cheese. No matter what kind of connection you use technically, no matter how deep distribution in the past books reconstruct this value chain, you can't cope with such competition, because no matter it's JD or Tmall. Or Suning, they are directly facing tens of thousands of retail terminals throughout China. They have set up special delivery teams. Within the past two months, they have opened more than 600 stores in Hebei Province. Those stores used to do business with us. When you get the list, you can see that the supply price is 20 or 30 percent lower than ours. Who can fight against such a big difference? This is one of them.

Secondly, these stores take them to be maintained. What can nobody do? Digging people, digging people in the traditional household appliances industry, the traditional industry used to train a lot of people, give 6000 yuan a month, now people give how much money? Bottom 12,000, bonus plus 1,000,13. Let's go and tell people that we need to be friendly in business. We've been dealing with each other for so many years. Others said: Mr. Cheng, I am not a non-sensible person. If they give me 9000 and you give me 6000, I will do it with you, but if I don't go to 12,000, I can't explain it to my wife and children.You see, there are feelings, and there is money to make, which is the suffering of this era.

In this scenario, how do we understand the market? The new marketing environment is coming, which is one of the main contents I share today. First of all, the consumption scenario has changed. This is the scenario I just described. The new consumer groups are rising and the consumption structure is taking shape. Secondly, the competitive environment of the industry is changing, and the competitive environment of most enterprises has changed. I recently worked with an enterprise in an area with a production value of more than 100 million yuan. I found that the situation in this industry has changed greatly. Two leading enterprises occupy most of the market. They use their competitive advantages to lock in sales terminals, increase the competitive platform, and build their own technology center and product center.

From this I come to a conclusion.In many industries, if we enter the head competition too early, it will affect the industrial efficiency and innovation of the industry, which can not be done.For example, the yogurt Amushi you drank at lunch is now China's largest yogurt brand, before it was the bright Molissian, another yogurt brand before it was made by a small business, small business innovation is usually not realized, because the head business holds the threshold, these small businesses become the victims of innovation, so these masters of resources head. The Ministry of Enterprises is no longer marketing efforts, but into the head of the oligopoly stage.

This situation is not determined by competition, but driven by supply-side reform and many non-market means. Whether this phenomenon is good or bad, I dare not come to the conclusion prematurely, but from the industry observation of the current front-line market in China, many Chinese enterprises are accelerating to enter the industry monopoly stage, which is contrary to the law of competition.Some industries must go through this process. Oligopolys should be fought out, not artificially. Otherwise, it will be disadvantageous to the industry itself.This is my personal point of view, for reference only.

The third is the intelligent interconnection of the whole scene, which really changes the sales scenario and business model, and subverts the traditional way of doing business.

Fourthly, the marketing channels are being reconstructed and integrated. The traditional distribution channels have been subverted. Now it is accelerating to face Section C. The new retail industry is accelerating the coverage of the whole channel and realizing cross-border alliance and cooperation. I was engaged in deep distribution 20 years ago. Now I want to subvert the past. Why should I abandon my martial arts? Because the age of guns is coming, are you still flinging the whip? Is it useful? The same is true in theoretical research. I don't think fried leftovers are meaningful. We should study the problems at the top of the wind and waves.



"There is no concept of distribution."

TCL has 30,000 people at the earliest stage. Now we want to type it into 15,000 people. At the last meeting, our final goal is to reorganize the team into 35,000 people. The company of the whole three-tier system will be reorganized. The whole mode will change. About 15,000 people of the marketing departments of 30 three-tier companies will turn to the terminal to do C-tier and supply-and-sell. This is the business transformation oriented to retail. There is no concept of distribution. Now we have to face retail and consumers, which we must understand.

So I redefined it, and all the people who do the service have to change it. The United States is also changing. Last year, I faced 500 American air-conditioning distributors in China. You know, their most dedicated distributors are tens of millions of people. Basically, as long as they are air-conditioning distributors, they are all prosperous, because air-conditioning is a large-scale product, and very expensive, no big business is unsold. This is the smartest group of distributors in China's industry.

Do you know what the dealers told me at lunch after three hours of my class? They said: Mr. Cheng, I came here happily, went around and listened to your three-hour lesson. Now I feel like I don't know where the next meal is. Do you know why they are so pessimistic? The United States has also built a large business system, directly facing 80% of the stores in the United States delivery, these former distributors Big Macs found that money does not pass from them, goods do not pass from them, information does not pass from them. The dealers found out that now he can only make conventional products and spare tires for traditional spare parts, so they were anxious and asked me: Where is our way? My answer is very simple. To move from CLP to COT, if you can't be an enabler, you die. It's a superfluous link in the new environment. That's why distribution doesn't exist.

Recently, I am working as a consultant and docking platform for a household enterprise. We need to redefine the distribution channels of China's furniture industry. In the past, a landlady opened a shop. She not only received customers, but also took measurements on doors, but also delivered them. The old practice is no longer used now. I prepared goods, served them and sent them to special people to manage them. You just have to stop at a wharf and do a good job of consumer experience and customer connection for me. I'll help you with all the rest, and the whole business will be transformed from distribution to retail.

I just talked about three leading companies, all of which are experiencing such changes, which can reflect the tremendous changes that have taken place in the channels of the Chinese market.


"If you can't define the scenario and respond to the pain and refreshment of the customers in the scenario, then the DNA of the product is wrong from the beginning."

The traditional way of e-commerce to change traffic is out of date, and the way of buying traffic is no longer effective. What customers need, now they will go to content e-commerce and social e-commerce. I know a jewelry seller who sells jewelry online. She doesn't open a shop in Yushi Street, Guangzhou. She broadcasts live there every day. She goes shopping for anything you want. She doesn't earn a difference. She only earns a commission. I guess that's about 5% - 10%. She will love her reputation as well as her feathers. She will never make a difference to her customers. The promise of fans. Such a diversion method is more sophisticated.

The connection mode between suppliers and customers has changed. Whose business Dalian used to pick up? Now customers will connect only if they have content, professional service, common hobbies and good scene experience.

Under such a background, what should enterprises do? In the future, marketing will change from satisfying demand to defining scenarios. If the development of any product can not define scenarios and respond to the pain and refreshment of customers in this scenario, then the DNA of the product is wrong from the beginning. It's not the person standing high who sees far, but the person standing close who sees more truly. You have to go back to the scene, this is one of them.

Second, you need to shift from product sales to value delivery. There are many high-quality enterprises in China. Sany Heavy Industry is one of them. Do you know how good its excavators are now? Caterpillar and Komatsu Japan are the sum of their market share in China. They do large single-product excavators. If you move the soil, they will be used. You go to see all construction sites. Other construction machinery may be different, but there must be excavators. So many enterprises have entered the excavator industry. This is a grasp of connecting projects.

In this most difficult area of competition, Sany Heavy Industries'market share is the sum of Caterpillar and Komatsu. How did it do that? In terms of products, people have been doing it for one or two hundred years. How many years has Sany done it? Its product technology can not surpass its competitors. I am an engineering man who studies aircraft. I understand that there is no curve overtaking in product and technology research. It only follows the learning curve.

Thirdly, how to achieve the counterattack to these two head brands through the value provision of marketing services when the product technology is inferior to each other? It is through providing solutions, providing value, turning transactions to customer management, building a sustainable relationship, turning from wide coverage to intensive cultivation, and making competitive programs in the field of subdivision. Marketing is also changing from competitive response to barrier building, from individual combat to system collaboration.

The content of the following part contains a lot of gold. Marketing is the last zero kilometre. It has the highest technical content. This is a common sense.



Promotion strategies have changed, from promotional stimulus to scene experience, from "boom, boost" to "small and beautiful" persistently.

1. Brand strategy has changed, from "popular lover" to "special love", if you want people to see love, you will lose charm, and it is impossible to achieve it now. From high-flying to interactive connection, nowadays no brand can be as high as the queen before, "Cold Beauty, Ice Beauty" has no market, all brands are equal in front of consumers.

2. The product strategy has changed from "following the trend, copying" to accelerating iteration, from "multi-son and multi-blessing" to "glamorous items". Where is the charm of the big item? Don't think that high-tech is the big item. The traditional industry's strong wine, six walnuts and old dried Mama chili sauce are all big items.

3. Channel strategy has changed, from deep coverage to full channel operation, from suction warehousing to power distribution, traditional channels are undergoing e-commerce transformation.

4. Price strategy has changed from low price shock to high selling price, from laissez-faire price to value chain management.

5. Promotion strategy has changed, from promotion stimulation to scene experience, from "explosive, explosive" to "small and beautiful" continuously, to create a good "small and beautiful" scene connection, daily and lasting to do a good job.

6. Service strategy has changed, from flirtatious show to warmth appreciation, from passive response to relationship management, service is a good grasp, smart businessmen know how to make good use of it.


"To manage the marketing team well is tantamount to driving a wolf and riding a tiger. It is a test of skill."

Organizational construction has many perspectives, such as strategy, efficiency, flexibility and so on. Then, how should the organization respond to the needs of new retail? Why is there such a big problem in marketing now? In the peacetime of the market, marketing is the most easy position for professional managers to get honor and wealth. If they want to get a promotion and make a fortune, they should do marketing. Moreover, the threshold is not high, and they do not necessarily need a high IQ.

But marketing is difficult to manage, this field is full of banditry, Jiangye gas, so you can see that my style is different from many teachers, although it is also a professor, you may think it is a bandit professor, because I have been with bandits for a long time, to manage the marketing team well, is tantamount to driving wolves and riding tigers, is a test of ability. I think the great success factor of beauty is to control the marketing team well. All the people who leave beauty do not scold beauty. Beauty gives you a good platform. If you don't get rich and get promoted, you have no ability, because others do well and get rich and get promoted.

In fact, the culture of an enterprise is not so complex, and it does not need so many concepts. I would like to ask you two questions: Who has promoted the fastest and who has made the most money in the past three years? If a person is promoted with good morality and ability, he is literate, and if he has made a fortune with good performance, he is literate. Otherwise, it's no use shouting slogans and singing songs.

Marketing is about performance and strength. No matter what logic, how can we update the management mode of marketing? What kind of marketing organization should we build? Only by having unity in strategy, flexibility in strategy and rigidity in execution, can such an organizational structure cope with the present market competition.

Therefore, the four requirements for new marketing organizations are:

1. Faster response speed, customer-driven, close to the business front line, rapid response to market and competition, such as new products, promotion, delivery and services;

2. Higher operational efficiency, full-chain structure optimization and mechanism innovation, improve the operational efficiency of all links, use the new Internet of Things technology, and reengineer the core process;

3. Stronger professional functions, development of new marketing functions (new e-commerce, community interaction, etc.), extension service capabilities of professional functions, platform integration capabilities and market operation capabilities, etc.

4. More flexible management and control methods, the organic marketing organization, maintain the balance of centralization and decentralization, continue to empower, improve learning ability.

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